Website Marketing


There are millions upon millions of Websites. The times of Yellow Pages are long gone, most of your prospective clients / customers are searching for your business Online. How and where will they find you? (Your established, regular customers may know your domain name. Your prospective customers don’t know either your domain name or business name. Unless you are VISIBLE, your Website and / or business won’t be found by new customers Online.)

Website MarketingYou may have heard that professional SEO (search engine optimization) is the “do or die”. It is. It is an important factor in any Website’s success, but it isn’t the only one. Website marketing, search engine submission, link building, updated content, social media marketing, all play an important role. This isn’t a sales pitch. Take a look at a successful competitor of yours and you’re likely to learn that he or she is using all and maybe even more of the approaches mentioned.

Every business MUST have a Website, we all know it. Having a Website however is one thing; having a BUSY and SUCCESSFUL Website is another and Website’s traffic is the result of skillful Website marketing.

Internet Real Estate Tycoon provides Website Marketing for its Web design clients. Subscribing to the plan is optional. It is however far less costly than the cost of advertising on Google and in time will produce compatible results.

Website Marketing $50 a month

  • Search Engine Submission
  • Internet Marketing
  • Link Building