Real Estate Web Design


Internet Real Estate Tycoon specializes in state-of-the-art Real Estate Web Design. Our Real Estate Web Design is database-driven and comes with numerous features that meet the needs of the real estate industry.

Real Estate Web Design

The highlight of Internet Real Estate Tycoon’s Websites designed for Real Estate is the fact that the inventory they feature can be easily (without ANY technical know-how!) managed by the client, the realtor him or herself and / or even several real estate agents.

Real Estate Web Design

Internet Real Estate Tycoon’s mobile-friendly (responsive) Real Estate Web Design comes with:


  • Spectacular property presentation to the Website visitors
  • Ease of contact
  • Unassisted future property additions and deletions (with a single or multiple Website login(s).

Listing features:

Property title and description
Property details include selectable:

  • Type
  • Amenities
  • Tags
  • City
  • Status

as well as

  • Automated address-based Google map generation
  • Auto-generating property image slider

Website’s features:

  • rss feed
  • sitemap
  • Website’s QR
  • One year of free hosting (up to 100 MB disc a year and 2000 MB bandwidth a month)

Best feature?

  • NO monthly payments!

To request a quote for your real estate Website, and view a working Real Estate Website designed by Internet Real Estate Tycoon, contact us.

Internet Real Estate Tycoon is a US-based (Los Angeles, Southern California) Web design firm specializing in Real Estate Web Design. You won’t have a problem reaching us when you need us.