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Internet Real Estate Tycoon is a Web design firm specializing in Real Estate Web Design and Car Sales Web Design.

Our Real Estate Web Design and Car Sales Web Design are database-driven and come with numerous features that meet the needs of each of the respective industries: real estate and car sales.

The highlight of both types of Websites is the fact that the inventory they feature can be easily (without ANY technical know-how!) managed by the client.

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Learn more about Car Sales Web Design

Internet Real Estate Tycoon offers unique concept: affordable, risk-free, surprise-free and stress-free Web design at affordable prices.

Unlike the experience you may have had with custom Website design which is always a surprise and rarely a good one, Internet Real Estate Tycoon follows a strict policy of full disclosure. The client gets to see working demos of Web design he or she is considering PRIOR to placing an order. (There are demos of Web design, Ecommerce, dental and medical Website design available.)

Mobile Web Design

Mobile Web Design

The client gets to select the design of the Website (regular or responsive), its color scheme, its page layout, its features and yes, the number of pages. In most cases, even access to the Website’s admin (a blog with admin login) is an available option. Nothing is left to chance.

The final product – the client’s CUSTOM Website – is created by the selections the client makes. (If you believe for just a moment that the costly “custom” Web designs are truly custom, think again: you may have been shown wider selection of designs to select from – we’re expanding our selection, gradually – but make no mistake: NONE was created especially for you, no matter how much you were charged or are being asked to pay!)

Internet Real Estate Tycoon’s Web design store showcases several types of affordable business Web design from informational business Websites with various features (including self-expiring, printable coupons) to Ecommerce.

It features also numerous choices of affordable medical Web design as well as dental Web design (with and without rotating headers, with and without a doctor’s blog and admin login, but all with patient form downloads).

When it comes to deciding about the popularity of the client’s Website Online: it is up to the client whether or not to order and pay for Website marketing.

The full disclosure policy extends to Website design’s sales: every Website designed by Internet Real Estate Tycoon comes with one year of FREE hosting. Every price is clearly listed during the simple shopping process. There are no hidden charges. The prices are not just affordable, but outright modest. Long story short, Internet Real Estate Tycoon provides more value for the money than any other Web design firm out there.