Business Web Design with Printable Coupons and Admin Login


If your business relies on customers’ use of coupons, Web Design with Printable Coupons will relieve you from the burden and expense of printing coupons: your customers will print the coupons themselves!
A Website with printable coupons is great especially for a business that depends on them to attract new and repeat customers: a pizza parlor, dry cleaners, car wash, beauty salon, etc.

Internet Real Estate Tycoon can provide you with a feature-rich, Business Web Design with Printable Coupons and Admin Login (so you’ll be able to easily manage – renew and cancel – your coupons yourself) in just one week!
Internet Real Estate Tycoon’s business Web design is state-of-the-art and comes with power-packed set of features, semantic HTML5-based markup, CSS3 and custom jQuery plugins. It supports drop-down menus and lots of enhanced widgets for Twitter, Flickr, Google, etc. as well as social sharing.
The Business Web Design with Printable Coupons demo featured on this page has responsive design. (A Website that has responsive design adjusts itself to the device screen’s width and can be easily navigated on a smartphone or a tablet.)

Since so many people surf the Web using their cell phones, every Website we design comes with a scannable QR code (a visitor can scan it with his – or her – cell phone and “remember” your Website’s address) and a click-to- call feature (when a visitor browses your Website on a cell phone, he or she is able to call you with one click of the mouse, as opposed to dialing your phone number).

Order Business Website With Coupons And Admin Login

Business Website with Printable Coupons and Admin Login, click on the picture to view working demo.

Internet Real Estate Tycoon’s Business Web Design with Printable Coupons is versatile and impressive. The coupons are printable (individually!) and come with options: they can be set to expire on a specific date and disappear from your Website… or not.

During the checkout process, you’ll get to select the Website pages’ layout (your choice will apply to all your Website’s pages except of the Home page which will have a layout similar to the one in the demos); the text, pictures and videos will be all yours; the rotating header will be custom!

Long story short, that’s our Business Web Design (with rotating header!) with Printable Coupons and Admin Login: view a demo and choose pages’ layout. From $650. Ready in one week. One year free hosting. No surprises: no hidden fees, no monthly fees, no maintenance fees because you’ll be able to manage coupons yourself.


  • Internet Real Estate Tycoon will provide you with:
  • A Website with all the features you’ve seen in the demos but customized according to your choice of page layout; featuring your QR and filled with your text, contact information, video and photos.
  • Powerful WordPress technology
  • Custom Rotating Header
  • Scannable QR barcode for smartphones
  • Click To Call for smartphones
  • Contact form
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Sharing Buttons
  • Social Media Integration (with your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Advanced xml Sitemap creation AND submission to search engines
  • Advanced Site Feed creation
  • 5 pages (or more, you’ll have the option of purchasing additional pages) of your content: Home page, About Us, Products or Services, Coupons page (5 coupons are included in the basic plan) and the Contact page.
  • Admin login so you can manage (renew and / or cancel) coupons yourself
  • Copyright link in the footer
  • Weekly Website backup
  • One year of FREE hosting (includes up to 500 MB disc space and 5000 MB bandwidth a month. The annual renewal fee – due a year from now – is $120.)

Once your payment is received, you’ll be asked you for:

  • Access to your domain name (The Website needs to be connected to it.)
  • Text and media (photos, videos) for the Website’s pages
  • Links to your social networks’ pages.
  • Your contact information for public use on your Website
  • Content (and expiration dates) for your coupons
  • Photos for your Website’s rotating header. Dimensions of three photos for Website’s Rotating Header: 1,200 pixels x 400 pixels (horizontal) each. Larger pictures are welcome, smaller are not (enlarging a photo diminishes its quality). Most important thing to keep in mind, the photos have to be horizontal, wide and not high. (If no photos in the required size for the Website’s header are provided; we’ll use stock photos specific to your industry with your text.) Of course, if you prefer, you’re welcome to submit your own custom artworks (3) for the rotating header.

Your Business Web Design with Printable Coupons and Admin Login will be ready, live and Online within 7 days from the receipt of payment, access to your domain name and receipt of your materials.

Once your Website is ready, you’ll have 3 days to request up to three changes in your Website’s content or media (photos, videos), free of charge.

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