Internet Real Estate Tycoon


Internet Real Estate Tycoon provides Web design solutions for business, professionals, non-profit organizations and entertainment industry’s personalities. The firm specializes in developing Websites based on high-end technology of the WordPress platform.

Internet Real Estate Tycoon's Web Design Portfolio

  • Internet Real Estate Tycoon provides state-of-the-art Custom Web Design: clean, responsive designs powered by sturdy WordPress technology with a multitude of features to choose from, including e-commerce. Read more.
  • Internet Real Estate Tycoon provides also Web Design With Client’s Admin (login) which enable clients either to write a blog, manage coupons or add products, without a Webmaster’s help. (No technical skills are needed and access to video support is provided.) With this option, clients can update their Websites themselves and save money on Webmaster’s fees in the process. Read more.
  • To meet the needs of clients with low budgets, Internet Real Estate Tycoon provides several Affordable Web Design options. Read more.
  • To empower Web design clients who have a very definite vision of their future Website and those who may have had a disappointing experience working with a Webmaster in the past, Internet Real Estate Tycoon provides Website / software installation and configuration. Read more.

All Websites designed by Internet Real Estate Tycoon include 1 year of FREE hosting.

In addition to Web design, Internet Real Estate Tycoon assists clients with SEO, designing – and implementing – successful Internet marketing strategies as well as with business consulting for business, non-profit organizations and professionals.

NOTICE: Internet Real Estate Tycoon is NOT affiliated with  InternetRealEstateTycoon.NET or Please don’t contact us with problems logging in (we have no login!); real estate questions, complaints about InternetRealEstateTycoon.NET or program or requests for refund of the monies you paid to InternetRealEstateTycoon.NET.
InternetRealEstateTycoon.NET has NOTHING to do with Internet real estate. (Internet real estate consists of domain names, Websites and Internet-related issues, NOT physical house flipping offline.)
True to its name, Internet Real Estate Tycoon ( owns a multitude of premium SEO domain names and Websites; deals exclusively with INTERNET real estate and provides Internet-related services to clients. Please don’t e-mail or call us to demand refunds for purchases made on InternetRealEstateTycoon.NET or! Here at Internet Real Estate Tycoon, we run a busy and successful business, we have no time to deal with other organization’s angry customers!